St. Andrews Links  Fife, Scotland



Architects: Martin Hawtree & Martin Ebert

For the past four years Sol Golf has undertaken Work on the Hallowed Ground of St Andrews. Under the Direction of Martin Hawtree and Gordon Moir, SOL Has carried out work on the Old Course and the Jubilee Course carrying out refurbishment works to greens, surrounds and bunkers.

On the New Course SOL worked with Martin Ebert to create new Open Sand areas reminiscent of the Old Course many years ago.


“The SOL Golf  staff were great to work with here at St Andrews Links. They were so flexible and versatile with everything they did as well as being highly skilled. They carried out a tremendous job with the alterations we made to the New and Jubilee courses.”

Gordon Moir, Director of Greenkeeping, St. Andrews Links

St Andrews Construction
St Andrews Construction