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Company Profile

“It is an expert process and we have a wealth of experience backed up by the specialist skills of our staff.”

SOL GOLF, established in 1998, is a fast growing Golf Course Construction Company specialising in the construction of new courses and modification of existing golf courses with a growing expertise in Links Courses. Founded on the back of extensive expertise, we have a reputation for work of the highest quality, efficiency on the ground and the ability to manage contracts on time.

SOL GOLF has invested in a modern and well maintained fleet which include heavy plant machinery, shaping equipment, drainage & specialized finishing equipment. We also invest in the specialized & professional skills of our staff, which we recognise as our most valuable assets. This philosophy has enabled SOL GOLF to win many prestigious contracts combined with an impressive client portfolio.

“A lot of our work is awarded on the basis of recommendations as to our ability to bring projects within budget and to a very high standard. We also secure a high level of repeat business which speaks volumes for our quality of workmanship and our working relationships with our clients.”

Michael O’Leary

Managing Director, SOL GOLF

Mission Statement

SOL GOLF continue to provide work of the highest quality to their clients by investing in the skills and expertise of their staff and a modern and well maintained range of plant and equipment. This philosophy will enable SOL GOLF to continue winning many prestigious contracts and build an impressive client portfolio.

Our aim is to maintain & continue a long lasting relationship with our clients in order to help them with other aspects of their projects by drawing on our experience & expertise in all aspects of golf development.

Commitment to Quality

Founded on the back of extensive expertise SOL GOLF places great emphasis on quality of workmanship and value for money. The real expertise in construction and realization of an investment potential lied hidden from view. The true mark of quality lies in the care and preparation give to each task and the use of materials with the correct specification. By adopting the highest standards the project will not be judged in just visual terms but in:


  • The value and advantage of minimum disruption

  • Ease and economy of maintenance

  • Player or user enjoyment and appreciation

Our commitment to quality and value give us the ability to produce a result which is pleasing to the eye and which continues to develop and improve long after our men and machines have departed.

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