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Brief Overview of SOL GOLF Project Process:

On successfully winning a tender, SOL GOLF would visit the site and carry out a full GPS survey of the site and would set out and mark out all Golf course features and datum points. All areas would be sprayed with a herbicide to kill off existing grasses and weeds. All heavy plant would then do all the topsoil strip and bulk earthworks. Shapers would then shell out the golf course following the design layout of the architects. Afertwards installation of utilities would commence i.e. irrigation and drainage pipes. Following with materials sand and rootzoon on greens and tees and topsoiling all other areas. Preparation of all areas ie destoning , hand raking , grading prior to fertilizing and seeding.

Maintenance crew would then take over until final handover. ie. grass cutting, fertilizer, weed control, sanding of playing surfaces.

SOL GOLF site management team would have regular weekly meetings on site with the design and client representative team. Normally every fortnight a full construction meeting with all of the construction team, client and design representatives. SOL GOLF would also facilitate clients on the other aspects of the development i.e. timing of clubhouse construction, road networks, hotels utilities and deliveries. SOL GOLF can facilitate clients in sourcing specialized people working within the golf industry.

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